A great day for my sister! To do: spread family cheer; be a storehouse of happy memories.

Yesterday, I got the call from my sister that I’d been waiting for—yes, it happened, she and her writing partner got an order for their pilot, “Women’s Murder Club,” from 20th Century Fox, for ABC, based on a series of books by James Patterson, directed by Brett Ratner. After the pilot has been made, they’ll find out in May if the show will be picked up for a series.

Well, I’m kind of shaky on the terminology, so my description might not be exactly right, but that’s the general idea.

Zoikes! It seems like just a few weeks ago that we were having one of our periodic pep talks (we alternate months for getting and receiving the pep) and now this! It’s so exciting.

I swung into happiness-project action the minute I hung up the phone.

First, I emailed the Big Man and my in-laws to “spread family cheer.” A few years ago, I might have thought this boastful, but now I realize that family members love to hear good news. It gives everyone a lift and a feeling of participation.

Second, I tried to figure out a way to “be a storehouse of happy memories” to remind us of this day, in the future. Remembering happy times from the past is a great way to bring happiness into the present. Studies showed that depressed people have as many nice experiences as non-depressed people, but they remember them less well.

How could I memorialize this happy day? Well, I haven’t yet been able to think of a great way to make a record of it, but this making-a-pilot stage will last for a while, so I’m hoping I’ll come up with some creative solution.

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  • ciocia

    Have you thought of getting pictures of the people involved, and making a collage? Or printing up a fake headline to put at the top of it? If there is some written information about it, you could attach that.

  • it may not seem as “permanent” or “real” as something else (though it is), but posting the news here on the blog will always remind you…! 🙂 best, Eric

  • one thing you could be to surprise big man with a congratulations gift and capture his shock & happiness on camera. i know its not something one normally does – but i am, as they keep saying, ‘thinking out of the box’!!!

  • Ahhh, I just love the word, Zoikes; it makes me smile. This is a lovely blog and a noble project.

  • Lilly Evans

    A this is a ‘pilot’ how about getting your sister and brother in law photos in a windshield of a plane – sort of like those old Spruce Goose shots! They could even go to have one done themselves.
    Fun and memorable at the same time.

  • How about having each member of the family write a note of congratulation or well wishes or whatever and combining those into a little book – maybe just pasted into a journal/notebook? The “I always knew you’d make it big…” stories.

  • gilcarvr

    I always add tidbit like this to my main computer calendar and then set them to reappear every year… into eternity… Every once in a while a note that once was meant to produce happy thoughts, turns into a moment of sadness and reflection… a few eventually get deleted after a few years… but the vast majority make me smile whenever they reappear on my morning calendar…