This Saturday: a happiness quotation from Samuel Johnson.

“Sir, it is surprising how people will go to a distance for what they may have at home.” –Samuel Johnson.

Here on vacation, where I rejoice to find my favorite brand of salsa in the store or WiFi at the library, I think of this remark by Johnson. And laugh at myself.

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  • Clueless

    AMAZING quote 😀
    That’s ABSOLUTELY true !!

  • Ah, how amazingly true. Thanks for the quote!

  • You might have seen this graphic since it’s been on several blogs, but just in case, check out the Life Instructions at
    I printed a couple of copies–one to post at the high school library where I start work next week, and one to post at home.

  • Katie

    That’s such a great image, Jude! I’m also going to put up a copy in the elementary school library where I start working in a couple of weeks.

  • Jude — what a great graphic! I love distillation of the happiness wisdom — and the pictures are so fitting and hilarious. A real find. I would link to it in a post myself, but here on vacation, that’s too complicated a tech task to attack.

  • Wonderful quote!
    So very true!