“Happiness…Not In Another Place But This Place, Not For Another Hour But This Hour.”

“Happiness, knowledge, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour.”
–Walt Whitman

* I get a big kick out of the blog Formerly Hot, and I particularly like the new Friday series, where people post about their “formerly.”

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  • Hi Gretchen.

    This is something to keep in mind at all times. All our goals and efforts are meant for the now. Those items that we push aside for later are pushed aside for some separate time in the world that isn’t as meaningful as now. If it isn’t happening right now, our focus is not in the right place.

  • Forget about the past, do not worry about the now, be curious about the future, because what happens now will not be determined good or bad until you meet the future.

  • Great quote. Key to happiness is to be focused on the here and now. As your blog friend points out, hanging on to an illusion from the past usually does not bring happiness. In addition, fixating on a future that doesn’t yet exist, to the detriment of the present, damages our ability to be happy to. Best to find joy in the here and now!

  • Just beautiful. This quote reminds me why I’m sometimes drawn to Judaism — the idea I take from that theology (I subscribe to none myself but instead have created a sort of roll-your-own nontheistic spiritology) is that we cannot take our actions in anticipation of punishment or reward in a hell or a heaven; instead we make our heaven here on earth. A person performing a mitzvah experiences satisfaction, that deep kind of happiness one of your recent interviews touched on.

  • pamwalter

    What a great quote! A real directive to live in the day and the moment. http://www.satisfiedsole.com

  • Inspiring comment! Happiness is all enjoying the NOW. Life is all about living in the now, and not dwelling on the future or the past.

  • Abby

    Excellent quote today. After reading The Happiness Project, I took little colorful Post-It tabs, wrote “Enjoy Now” on them, and stuck them in places I was sure to see them (inside my bathroom cabinet, on my computer, on my dresser mirror. I’m much happier living for today than to keep planning for tomorrow.

    I was recently inspired by Matt Green, age 30 who is walking across America. He said, “What’s the point of living the majority of your life preparing for the last little bit?” Amen. Enjoy now.

    One of my former colleagues quit her job and took 2 years off to sail with her husband and elementary school children. Today, at age 55, her husband has Parkinsons. They are grateful they had the guts to enjoy now.

  • So right! There is no time but the present! It’s about enjoying the little things in life. 🙂

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