P.S. How To Get Your “Happiness Project” Fix While I’m on Vacation.

Warning: Blatant self-promotion! It just occurred to me to say — I’m taking a week’s vacation, but if you want to read about happiness in the meantime, please consider my book, The Happiness Project (on the New York Times bestseller list for months, including hitting #1).

“Um, why should I buy your book,” some people have asked, “when I can read the blog for free?” Other people have asked, more delicately, “I read your blog regularly, so isn’t reading the book just more of the same?” Here are some reasons to read the book:

1. One smart friend who has read both said she thought the blog was process, the book was conclusion. The ideas in the book are presented in a more distilled, thoughtful way, and the book framework allows me to tell longer stories and explain more complicated ideas. I’m able to show how different ideas fit together, which can be tough to do in one blog post. The book goes deeper.

2. On the blog, I write about whatever subject interests me that day, so it skips from topic to topic. The book is organized by subject matter: Energy, Parenthood, Work, Marriage, Play, Spirituality, Mindfulness, etc. If you’re interested in particular subjects, you can focus there.

3. If you’ve been enjoying the blog, and you’d like to share it with a friend, you can give the book as a gift. You can’t give the experience of reading a blog as a gift, but you can give a book.

4. You can read the book with your book group. I’ve had lots of requests for my one-page discussion guide for book groups, as well as the guide for spirituality book groups, church groups, and the like. (If you’d like either or both guides, email me at grubin at gretchenrubin dot com.)

5. In a book, you can more easily take notes about what applies to you and your happiness project. Underlining, highlighting, and taking notes in the margin allow you to engage with the material. (You can do this electronically, of course, but many people still find it easier to do with old-fashioned pen and paper.)

6. In the same way, the experience of reading a book is very different from reading a blog. You can’t curl up on the couch with a blog; you can’t read it on the beach or in bed or while you’re at your children’s soccer practice (well, you can, but it’s tougher).

7. I’m much more forthcoming in my book than I am on my blog. I call my family members by their true names. I talk about juicy episodes that I’ve never mentioned here. I reveal a very major fact about my life that I’ve never discussed on my blog.

8. Many of my readers have written that they want to buy the book to show their support—a “thank you” for everything I’ve done for free. Which I very much appreciate!

9. You don’t have to take my word for it — see for yourself. You can…
Order your copy.
Read sample chapters.
Watch the one-minute book video.
Listen to a sample of the audiobook.

Ok, now I’m really off for a week.

  • I just bought your book and I enjoy having that to read right before bed. It helps me unwind and I get some great information…plus sleep is now on my to-do list, so thanks 🙂

    I’m glad to have both your blog and book. I love visiting your blog for daily tips and inspiration…so yes…they both have important and relevant purposes 🙂

    Have a wonderful vacation.

    • gretchenrubin

      Thanks!! I’m so pleased you’re enjoying the book — and also getting more
      sleep as a consequence of reading it!

      • I am really happy to say I have your real book, the ereader version and am now enjoying your blog too. Can’t have too much happiness. A friend recommended your book a year ago (the real version) but being at a different point I didn’t stick with it. That same friend brought your book up again and I downloaded it and am enjoying it immensely. At 56 yrs. old I have made many changes over the past few years in my own personal happiness project, now I am ready for Level 2 (as I call it) and I am going to use your book as a trusty reference to keep me organized in implementing level 2, maybe even a level 3. Keep up the fantastic work and I hope you have the most wonderful vacation. I am sure it will promote many happy ideas. I will look forward to sharing your project with my blog readers in the near future.

  • Pgspicegirl

    I would say buy the book.It’s a great read,I take it with me to work and I can open it anywhere and be motivated.I also like the fact you can read about Gretchen”s journey.It’s not perfect and she lets you know that she had to tweek her journey as well.Love it and it’s worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!

    • gretchenrubin

      Thanks for the kind words!

  • I love reading your blog, but my brain needs the organization your book had. I have the audio book, and keep relistening to chapters that really struck me. Thanks for all your work, Gretchen, and for sharing!

  • I read the book and I agree with Ashley, I enjoyed it more than the blog! I like the blog too, but the book was really just excellent!

  • Cam

    I just bought your book, Gretchen, after first reading it from the library. I have been following your blog and use my toolbox every day as well! I finally decided to just go ahead and buy the book mostly because of reason #5, so I could more easily take notes and get specific ideas for my own happiness project. #8 also played a part, as I have enjoyed the book and your tools so much that I thought it would be nice to actually give you some money for your time! I must confess another big reason for buying the book was “Spend out.” It makes me happy to OWN, rather than just borrow from the library, a book I really love and know that I’ll reference lots in the future. Thanks so much, Gretchen!

  • Jen Davidson

    I saw your book in the bookstore a couple of months ago, along with several other books I wanted, so I decided to get yours from the library. I’m just about finished reading it now (I had to get on the waiting list to read it), and I’m wishing I’d bought it that day. I know this is a book I’ll want to go back to again and again, so next time I’m at the bookstore I’ll definitely be picking it up!

  • Tana

    Another reason — the cover makes me happy. Just looking at the book is pleasing, and a reminder of the goal of increasing my happiness. 🙂 (Though I have to admit… I checked the book out from the library, and then I bought a used copy, so I really haven’t done anything to help out your bottom line yet. Maybe I’ll buy a new copy for a friend some time.)

  • Zanski

    I zctually bought the audio-version and really enjoy listening to a “little bit of Gretchen” on most evenings….it helps to digest portions of the book in small doses, to get me thinking…..love it! Thanks much!

  • Lena

    Dear Gretchen,

    First of all, have a happy time while on vacation and make beautiful memories.
    Now, about buying your book or just read the blog. In my opinion, these two actions should not be associated. They both lead to wonderful but also so different experiences. On the same note, the book is a must. To all the blog readers that did not buy the book yet, do so. If you came back already few times to this site just to see what’s new, or to continue reading what you did not get to read yet, it is time to buy the book. Once you have read about Gretchen’s whole journey, maybe even start your own project, the postings, articles and tips will fall nicely and fit perfectly in a mind set already built.
    I read about the book on CNN’s website right before celebrating 24 years of marriage. So, I decided it was the best gift to my husband and me. I read the book entirely once and now I am reading every month the chapters that I need inspiration for my Happiness Project.
    What else can I say, thank you Gretchen for evrything.
    All the best,

  • D.

    I loved your book, Gretchen, but sadly ALL the blog posts seem to be blatant self-promotion. Several sentences out of each short post are about buying your book.

  • I am impressed with your focus and your ability to leverage your focus on happiness. So much is being written about happiness. My focus in on helping people transition for the next phase of life or second half or third chapter. As I am sure you know, wisdom and happiness increase as people grow older according to research.

    You are so great at sharing tips. What tips would you share that might help me launch and leverage my focus on “sage-ing rather than aging?” Just as happiness is critical now, I believe I am onto something also (as are others), but marketing is essential.

    Thanks in advance for any tips you might share.

  • Tamsin

    I would like ot help with your self promotion of the book by promoting it myself. I bought your book as I left the States last week and by the time I landed in London Heathrow I only had one chapter left which I was saving for a treat!

    A brilliant book and as you explained above so nice to be able to go through and cover it with post it notes, re read it and go back to those absolute gem ideas which may have slipped your mind.

    Buying this book is a small but super investment.

    Thank you Gretchen for taking the year to do such a wonderful project and share your findings in your book I have gained so much from your work and for that I feel truely blessed!

    • gretchenrubin

      I’m so happy to hear that the book resonates with you! I so appreciate your
      kind words.

  • I love these tips , thank you.