Video: Hold Yourself Accountable.

2011 Happiness Challenge: For those of you following the 2011 Happiness Project Challenge, to make 2011 a happier year — and even if you haven’t officially signed up for the challenge — welcome! This month’s theme is Resolutions, and last week’s resolution was to Set concrete goals. Did you try that resolution? Did it boost your happiness?

The resolution for this week is to Hold yourself accountable.

If you want to read more about this resolution, check out…
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If you watch the video, you’ll hear me talk about my Resolution Chart and about the usefulness of accountability groups. If you’re curious, and you’d like to see my Resolutions Chart, for inspiration, email me at gretchenrubin1 at gmail dot com. Or, if you’d like to request a starter kit for launching a group for people doing happiness projects together, you can also email me at gretchenrubin1 at gmail dot com, and request it. (Don’t forget the “1”!)

If you’re new, here’s information on the 2011 Happiness Challenge. It’s never too late to start! You’re not behind, jump in right now, sign up here. For more ideas for resolutions to try, check out the archives of videos here.

* On the fabulous site Swiss Miss, I was intrigued by a post about the “mappiness” project, which maps happiness across space in the U.K.

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  • The Red Angel

    I love watching the videos you make, they are so helpful and inspirational! I think I might request your Resolution Chart, it sounds fantastic. 🙂


  • Kimlizrn

    I am halfway through your book and am soooo loving it… I keep a piece of paper next to my nook where I have been jotting down ideas and notes.. thanks for putting into words things I have been thinking about in my life. Can’t wait to finnish reading this book to go back, and read it again.. When is the next book coming out? Loving this book and can’t put it down..

    • gretchenrubin

      Thanks for your kind words! I’m thrilled to hear that the book resonates
      with you!

  • Just blogged about accountability and at

  • Alana in Canada

    I love your resolutions chart–it has been very helpful. I am finding an alarming number of “x”s in my boxes for some of my goals, though. I’m not sure how to turn that around!

    • gretchenrubin

      believe me, I know the feeling! just remember that tomorrow is another

  • I totally agree with the part about letting other people know what you are accountable for. Then they can cheer you on, and be a voice of reason outside of your head, when your head may not be so reasonable 🙂