Blatant Self-Promotion — the Paperback of “The Happiness Project” Is Available for Pre-Order!

Yes, the paperback of The Happiness Project is available for pre-order! It will hit the shelves on March 1.

If you’re inclined to buy the paperback, I would very much appreciate it if you’d consider pre-ordering a copy. Pre-orders really build buzz and enthusiasm for a book among booksellers, retailers, the press, and my publisher. Pre-orders matter a lot.

If you read the blog, you may be thinking, “Well, I can read your stuff here for free, so why should I buy the book? Paperback or not? Now or ever?” Consider these reasons…

1. One friend who has read both said she thought the blog was process, the book was conclusion. The ideas in the book are presented in a more distilled, thoughtful way, and the book framework allows me to tell longer stories and explain more complicated ideas. I’m able to show how different ideas fit together, which can be tough to do in one blog post. The book goes deeper.

2. On the blog, I write about whatever subject interests me that day, so it skips from topic to topic. The book is organized by subject matter: Energy, Parenthood, Work, Marriage, Play, Spirituality, Mindfulness, etc. If you’re interested in particular subjects, you can focus there.

3. If you’ve been enjoying the blog, and you’d like to share it with a friend, you can give the book as a gift. You can’t give the experience of reading a blog as a gift, but you can give a book. (Email me at gretchenrubin1 at gmail dot com if you’d like a free, personalized bookplate for your gift.)

4. In a book, you can more easily underline and take notes. (You can do this electronically, but many people still find it easier to do with old-fashioned pen and paper.)

5. I’m more forthcoming in my book. I call my family members by their true names. I talk about juicy episodes that I’ve never mentioned on my blog. I reveal a very major fact about my life that I’ve never discussed on my blog.

6. Many of my readers have written that they want to buy the book to show their support—a “thank you” for everything I’ve done for free. Which I very much appreciate.

To thank people who do pre-order, I’ve created a page of Happiness Paradoxes (I love paradoxes). To get your copy, email me at gretchenrubin1 at gmail dot com. Just write “I pre-ordered” in the subject line. You’re on your honor!

The enthusiasm of blog readers has made such a difference to the success of The Happiness Project. I know it would never have hit #1 on the New York Times list — something that made me very happy — if it weren’t for the support of readers here. Thank you!

If you want to know more about the book, you can…
Read sample chapters.
Watch the one-minute book video.
Listen to a sample of the audiobook.
Order your copy.

  • After reading your blog for so long, I finally asked for the book as a Christmas present. I was so glad I did because it explains your key concepts in greater depth and in a more systematic way. The blog appeals to my left brain by motivating me onward while the book appeals to my right brain, helping me organize my own happiness project (and lets me go crazy with the underlining!) I definitely encourage your blog readers to go for the book as well.

    • gretchenrubin

      Thanks so much! that is so nice to hear.

  • Excellent, I will have to get me a copy. Thanks for the update!

  • Tim Chesterton

    That’s funny – I already bought one in Chapters a couple of weeks ago. Maybe the paperback is out earlier in Canada…

    • Danielle

      That’s just what I was thinking, must have been available here earlier.

    • gretchenrubin

      Yes, that’s right. The Canadian paperback came out in January.

  • Crass

    Beginning to be a real turn off and appearing to be quite crass.

  • The Kindle edition is more expensive than the paperback? Well, that really doesn’t make sense :/