• Big

    Does this mean you don’t need us to buy your book?

    • Had to have a laugh at this one

  • Great quote! One to live by!

  • Peninith1

    I like this sososo much better than that ‘do what you love, the money will come’ canard that seems to be such an American fetish of late. Do we HAVE to follow our bliss to $$ profit? I prefer to do what I love, what I think is right, what strengthens me because it is a better habit and not ever to look for it to become ‘valuable’ in monetary terms. It’s true, I have been commissioned to make things for others as a result of my love of my craft, but even so, I try to stay in the without-thought-of-profit zone, because that is what keeps my art growing. That’s the challenge I guess, accept profit if that comes, but never calculate upon it.

    • There does seem to be a tiny air of judgement of those who just keep going to their regular jobs and not striving to make everything a goal driven track to an entrepreneurial life. What’s up with that?

      I think the actual point is to organize your life according to your priorities. But, don’t make the job an excuse for remaining unfulfilled in life.

  • The thought of profit or gain is hard to ignore though and can cause great unhappiness when one thinks they ‘aren’t good’ because there is a strand of desire mixed in with their altruism. I work with the Healing and Cancer Foundation (using mindfulness based stress reduction with people who have cancer) and Dr. Rob Rutledge reminds us that there are always strands of self-interest in everyone’s giving AND that’s not a bad thing. Turns out altruism itself is self-serving so…
    By the by – just got your book at the library – am loving it and plan to visit you often. You are a good writer and have interesting things to share. Thank you.