“Wilderness Became a Dream of Privacy, Safety, Control, and Freedom.”

“I turned with growing concentration to Nature as a sanctuary and a realm of boundless adventure; the fewer people in it, the better. Wilderness became a dream of privacy, safety, control, and freedom.”
— E.O Wilson, Naturalist

I highly recommend Wilson’s memoir, Naturalist — the fascinating story of how he found his life’s work. I’ll never see ants the same way again.

* An engaging new blog is the The Infinity Game — a young adult writing about what it’s like to be parentless, with no siblings.

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  • Tamara

    He has a pretty unique take on being a naturalist.

    I’m fairly new to learning to be ok alone, definitely, and it happened largely by necessity, not choice.    Time to pay attention to what I see or feel has been infinitely more valuable and positive for me in the “wild” or wandering than almost any readily available alternatives. 

    I’ve never felt what he does from a bike ride, hike, or walk though.  Just few or no distractions.  Perhaps that is why he’s an ant guy and I am not.  🙂

    • gretchenrubin

      To be clear, he was writing about his feelings for nature and wilderness
      when he was a young boy — in this passage, he was reflecting on how he
      originally discovered his passion for nature. As he grew older, I think his
      views broadened.

  • Tamara

    It makes much more sense to me, in that context. 

  •  This is so great and being “Naturalist” makes  you get connected with nature and always see things in a different  perspective.

  • Tris
  • SylviaBlack

    Just this year, I’m discovering how much better I feel when I spend a lot of time outside in nature. I never used to have that much desire for it, but now I know I need to get outside, preferably somewhere green, every day. Exercise, especially, is much better done outdoors for me.

    I’ve read a couple of E.O Wilson books, but never his memoir. Sounds interesting!

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