“I Wish I Could Describe Better the Kind of Happiness Mid-Summer Has Always Given Me…”

“I wish I could describe better the kind of happiness mid-summer always has given me, ever since my infancy almost when the wide extents of ripe corn stretched away endlessly and gave me even then a feeling of security, of peace, of happiness. The harvest songs of all peoples have given vent to it, but not in words.”
— Bernard Berenson, Sunset and Twilight, July 6, 1952

* I’m very interested in what people find fun — or not — so was intrigued to read this post on play on The Shu Box.

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  •  Thanks Gretchen for this happiness project and I loved your blogs and thought of thanking you for such wonderful work done by you…

  • Things that people find fun….one of the most fun things I did recently was designing some new business cards by scanning some wrapping paper that I liked and then changing it in Photoshop. I then had them printed for next to nothing on Vistaprint.com and they look great! It’s a little thing really and I don’t have much call for business cards but it was really good fun!

  • Deb

    This is a great example of what’s fun for one person might not be for another. I pretty-much dread summer and spring. If I wake to bright sunshine I know extra effort will be needed to be happy that day. This is partly just the way I am; partly due to neighbours from hell.

    But if I wake to pouring rain, or thunderstorms, or (best of all) snow, then I already have a smile on my face.

    My friends think I’m crazy. I try explaining that I feel about so-called “bad weather” the same as they do about bright sunshine. But they are convinced I am a distant cousin of the Adam’s Family. LOL.

    Jenp – making those cards does sound like fun! And maybe the people who get one of the cards will feel good about it too.

  • Rachel Lesher

    I completely identified with this quote as soon as I read it: I have been feeling this unexplainable happiness lately that comes with the warm summer days, fresh grown sweet corn, lots and lots of tomatoes to harvest, and the still-long nights of summer.  I just enjoy looking back to what I’ve done this summer, and ahead to what I still have to look forward to.  I just love it!


  • Carrollfowler

    I identified with this quote completely too !  However, it is not what I have been doing !  I have been sort of in a funk lately because of a lot of different things… but, this reminded me why I should be happy.  We are getting lots of fresh veggies out of the garden and lots of good things are happening…just have been focusing on the negative!  Thanks…

  • Snella

    I can also identify with this. However, for several reasons – cold weather being one, I have not been able to relax enough and let summer engulf me. After the latest news, I almost feel socially obligated to stay home and be calm and controlled in dark clothes. This doesn’t feel right though, our summer is very, very short and as long as I am alive I’d like to be able to enjoy the good things life offers. Does anybody have any thoughts on this?