Alas! The Happiness Project Toolbox Is Shutting Down.

I’m very sorry to say that I’m retiring the Happiness Project Toolbox. It was so much fun to create and run–but the web changes very fast, and the Toolbox is several years old now, and very creaky. It needs a major overhaul, and when I looked at what changes should be made, I realized that the whole thing should be revamped. And just to keep it running reliably, as is, would be enormously demanding, in terms of both time and money.

I know many of you have used it, so I’ve hesitated a long time before deciding to end it. But it’s time. Alas! I apologize for any inconvenience that arises for you.

The last day will be November 30, 2012, so if you want to make copies of any of your entries, you have until the end of the month.

There are lessons from happiness here. My resolutions such as Abandon a project and Enjoy the fun of failure are meant to remind me that if I want the time and mental energy to experiment and create, I have to allow myself to end projects, fail at projects, and abandon projects. I find this very, very difficult. Sheesh, I have trouble not finishing a bad book once I’ve started it.



  • George_D

    Must have been a difficult decision. I know it will make time for even more helpful tips for getting more out of life by paying more attention to and appreciating life as it is.

  • I am sorry to hear this since I just found the site. I can say, however, That your courage and decision is something worth remembering. It’s a lesson I need to learn.

  • peninith1

    I can completely understand this decision. For quite a while I was a big fan of this toolbox , and posted one-sentence journal entries regularly. But then I got your nifty “One sentence journal” in book form, and prefer that format. Much as I miss others’ postings, I like being able to compare one year’s entry to several others and the extra measure of privacy.

    Thanks for continually working to improve your ways to guide, encourage, and gather up happiness information for us all.

  • Wende Garrison

    As I said on Facebook, I think you are making a good decision and I completely support you. Thank you for all you have given to the world!

    • gretchenrubin

      Thanks so much for the kind words!

  • I totally respect your decision to do this. It makes sense, is clear you thought it through and opens the door for the next thing to develop …

  • Perhaps you could sell it.

  • It is SO very hard to end something, especially something you care about. I just want to offer a quiet sort of congratulations on taking that step, because it’s a step toward something new and good, as you say. You’re making room!

  • Ines

    That’s too bad! I’ve known about the toolbox for a few years and only just realized there was a book (which I’m almost done reading!). Isn’t there a plan for a new toolbox or a set of similar tools ?

  • Karlapr

    That’s disappointing! I’ve used it quite a bit — the one sentence journal and creating lists. It was also neat to read other people’s one sentence journals and happiness hacks. It became a part of my morning ritual, which was pleasant, comforting, and inspiring. I had also advertised the Toolbox on my blog. That said, I haven’t seen the icon for the Toolbox on your website for awhile (and can’t find it today), so I thought it was already gone…? I was sad to lose the journal entries, but couldn’t find a good way to print them. I did print a few running lists I was keeping. Hope you bring it back at some point!

  • so glad that I just downloaded your tools the other day. Knowing the book is still available is comforting for those of us who haven’t managed to get started (yet!) with our own Happiness Project.

    • Luz

      Would it be possible for you to send it to me, please? My e-mail address is Thank you ever so much!

  • Camden

    Sad it’s ending. I did use it especially in the summer when I made “summer resolutions”. I always thought it would make a great idea for a smart phone app, to keep track of resolutions, one-sentence journal, etc. Just a thought for the future!

  • buttercreamsunshine

    That is totally understandable, though I agree with others that an app would have been perfect! Does anyone happen to know an app with comparable functions to the resolutions charts? I like being able to keep them grouped separately as well as keep track of them daily. Any help with this would be appreciated! xx

  • PrimroseHill

    So sad to hear this is closing down… but I understand and think it is clearly the right move.

  • Lisa Stahl

    Am very sorry to hear about this. I just finished reading your book last week, and told my FB friends that I believe “Gretchen Rubin has singlehandedly saved my life!” It’s true! You have no idea the impact your book has made on my life…I’m just sorry that I only learned of it a short time ago. Well best of luck and much happiness in your journeys. Thank you for helping me and so many others! Lisa Stahl, Selinsgrove, PA

  • Sania from Zagreb

    Very sorry to learn about this, too. You may sell it to someone who can give some options for free with adds, and some advanced options for subscribers and keep the site alive. I have just finished your book and I’m in awe how in Earth you managed to do all that. I started similar project many times in past on different sites (7 habits, your best year yet, Leo Babauta’s discontinued forum, to name a few… tracked habits on rememberthemilk… etc. etc.) and it got me nowhere, nothing worked. I given up.

    Now after reading your book I felt a trace of hope – I can’t explain to you how precious it is! Being the geek I am, I rushed immediatly to find toolbox you mentioned in the book. It sounds as something very helpfull. It was funny when I was entering your book in librarything where I keep track of all the books I read, only to discover that I already entered it in my wishlist 🙂 I guess you are aware it is translated to Croatian and I found it in my local public library. It has many stamps on the back, meaning it was loaned many times.

    I strongy encourage you to rethink your decision. It is great idea, it has it’s ecosystem in place already, and I’m sure someone would be glad to buy it from you. I tried other sites for many months but they all didn’t work for me for different reasons. Reading your book I discovered that we share some personal traits and that is the reason I beleive your system would work for me.

    I enjoyed in your book (and your company while reading it) very much and I think I will re-read it right away (something I never did). I only disagree about going to gym – it is a chore like doing a laundry! I would be extremly happy if my DH could find a time (and will!) go to gym and take care of his health. It would be easier for you if it was scheduled and not out-of-the-blue, I guess.

    Sorry for my english. Thank you for everything!