Want a “Tips for Happiness in Your New Home” Card To Accompany a Gift? Or For Yourself?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve heard that a lot of people are giving Happier at Home as a gift to someone with a new home: recent grad, new roommate, newlywed, newly divorced, empty nester, downsizer, upsizer, new baby, new city.

At times of transition like these, we give special thought to what we want from “home.” So, to make such a gift a little more special, I’ve created a card about “Tips for happiness in your new home” that I will sign and mail to anyone who wants it.

(Did the surprisingly controversial entry about “Every room should include something purple” make it onto the list? I’m not telling.)

So, let’s say a friend just moved to a new city, and you want to give Happier at Home as a housewarming gift. Or you want to give the book at a bridal shower. Send me the recipient’s name and your mailing address, and I’ll personalize and sign this tips card, so you can put it with the book. Or I’ll send one for you!

For either Happier at Home or The Happiness Project, you can also ask for a personalized, signed bookplate or signature card (to accompany an e- or audio-book), as well.

These are free, ask for as many as you like, and I’ll mail them anywhere. But if you’re requesting them for holiday gifts, request now. I can be slow turning these around.

To request any or all, email me here.

My favorite present to give is a book, and it’s always nice to have some way to make it feel extra-personal.

What book do you most often give as a gift? For me, Christopher Alexander’s A Pattern Language. How I love that mind-blowing book.

  • Laura Vanderkam

    The Meagan Francis podcast was great. It was like sitting around the kitchen table with a cup of coffee with both of you. For what it’s worth, I’ve never managed to meditate either.

  • Shannon Winakur

    A book that I love to give as a gift is John O’Donohue’s To Bless the Space Between Us. Amazing.

  • Elizabeth

    You give A Pattern Language? What a fantastic idea! I love that book and have never forgotten the section on sacred sites…how access must always be on foot. Thank you for reminding me!