21 Day Relationship Challenge – Day 14

Get Enough Sleep

Today’s resolution suggests that you “Get enough sleep.” You may be thinking, “What does sleep have to do with relationships?” A lot. Being well-rested will make it a lot easier to be patient, energetic, light-hearted, and tolerant. And that will make a big difference to your relationships.

Most adults need at least seven hours of sleep. Are you able to turn out the light at a decent hour?

Does getting enough sleep contribute to your happiness?

We can all learn from each other, so please post your experiences with the resolution in the comments section below.

  • mollysvote

    I am expecting and sleep is elusive at the moment. I have just about managed to write back to two friends in a month and talk to one. Clearly sleep or the lack of it nor helping my friendships, me or child. Sigh.

  • I definitely have trouble getting to bed at a decent hour. While I cope with it OK during the day, as the night progresses, it’s like a switch turns on and I find myself being quite irritable and whiny… I there needs to be more hours in a day! 😉

  • Laura

    Getting enough sleep is essential for me. I need at least 7 hours of sleep to have enough energy to get me through my days. My days start at 4 am 4 days per week, which means I need to be in bed at 9 pm. Part of my happiness process was to recognize this about myself and just accept it. Another part of my happiness process was to stop worrying about what other people say about my need for sleep. I am much happier with sleep and will forgo watching TV, reading (too long), or last minute tidying, to get my sleep. I know my family appreciates me being a happier person!

  • Miljana

    Let us see, if we want looong and healthy lives we need to sleep 6-8 hours per night in the continuity. If, because of something we must go to bed very late and can’t sleep 6-8 hours, we need to make up during one of the coming days/afternoons. The children and teenagers have to sleep full 8-9 hours, because of growing up and changes in their bodies. Those, “who trained themselves to get by on five hours” will pay very soon with their health, their heart problems, fatigue, gout, indisposition, dark circles and baggs, seared skins, veeery nervous…etc, etc. If you sleep enough you are hearty, cheerful, ready for all of duties, smiling, good at all relationships, full of optimism, full of good, positive energy… and success and happiness have to come by themselves. Your mind works quicker and all duties you finish more organised and faster.

    Have a nice dreams! Who wanted, this dream!

  • Kitch

    Thanks Gretchen for the tip. The question now is how i can get enough sleep with the volume of work i have to deal with?

    • gretchenrubin

      Lots of research shows that lack of sleep makes people less efficient, less able to make decisions, less able to focus and retain information, more likely to waste time online, and (no surprise) less energetic.

      You might get your work done faster if you spent more time sleeping.

    • Georgia

      I have the same question, or similar. It’s not that I have tons of work to do, but I do need 9 hours of sleep a night, which certainly cuts into my time to do other things.

  • Dr. Anupchandra Bhayani

    I completely agree with your suggestion. Sleep is not only physical requirement, but it is mental requirement also. It is a divine gift given to all animals including human beings. The only thing is that it should be used in a balanced way. Excess of everything is bad.

  • Tariq Aftab

    As far particularly as relationship is concerned I can’t say anything authentic regarding the impact of sleep, but for physical, as well mental relaxation, sound sleep of at least six hours is a must. Sound and deep sleep adds value to our waking hours as it keeps us energetic and alert throughout the day. If we are mentally, physically fit definitely relationship could be strengthen or enhanced with a little effort. Thanks

  • My moms advice ancient wisdom, Don’t ever
    go to sleep angry. For me getting 7 hours sets
    my day on the right foot. Reality new moms
    and Dads are sleep deprived and stressed.
    Caretaking oneself and receiving love is the best

  • Shelley

    Just an interesting note – I heard on a radio station somewhere that every minute of sleep you get before midnight is worth 5 minutes after midnight. It’s just so tough to get to bed early, though, isn’t it?

  • Scott Badenoch

    Answers in the back of the book: As a father of five, all entering into marriage, I suggest you consider writing a book for people about to marry. So much of what you share rings true because we all have learned the hard way, through experience. “Learning through experience” means you get the grade before being taught the lesson. (I can state that, to my surprise, my advice has been recalled, making me wish I had kept quiet. Case in point: “Marry the best provider you can stomach” hasn’t made the grooms feel too good.) Anyway, I think topic this is right up your alley and could add to your success. Best wishes, Scott