21 Day Relationship Challenge – Day 17


Today’s resolution suggests that you “Jump.” Sounds goofy, right? Well, it is a little goofy. But when you find yourself dragging and need to get a quick fix of energy and cheer—say, before going out to dinner with your sweetheart—just jump up and down a few times. Or do jumping jacks, run down the stairs, or do anything that gets both feet off the floor.

Try it right now! Do you feel happier? Or at least…different?

We can all learn from each other, so please post your experiences with the resolution in the comments section below.

  • I love this one. When someone needs an attitude adjustment around our house, we say “do you need to do some jumping jacks?” It’s a gentle (and fun) encouragement to help eachother remember that we can choose our outlook about something. A few jumping jacks always works!

  • Jim

    I have always found that I am a better person with any exercise. My wife will confirm it:)

  • Carly

    At first I thought, “Whaa???” Then I realized that I do this all the time – I’ll be walking down a deserted hallway and simply jump up to try and touch the ceiling tile, or walking down a sidewalk and try to reach a tree branch. yes, it does make me happy!

  • I have a rebounder that I *try* to use every day for exercise. Never really thought about it in terms of happiness though. This morning I paid attention to my energy and happiness before and after, and I definitely believe there was improvement! Great advice, Gretchen!

  • Just what I needed to get back to work after lunch!

  • Miljana

    If feel better jumping, you have to jump. But, if somebody need a little more energy, through the jump (s)he has to loose energy, not to get. When I want to feel better conditioned, I put some chinese insoles with magnets in my shoes. So, I have foot masage all the time and that relaxes my soles and legs. And of course, I drink some good juice of fresh fruits and vegetables, like orange, carrots, apple, peach, or take a glass of effervescent vitamin tablet and water, and that raise me up immediatelly. Long walks on a fresh air are so good, too.

    Maybe, dear Grechen, you have to check your pressure, because, with the jumping, only your pressure will grow up, and if that makes you feel good, maybe when your pressure goes down you feel tired. For higher pressure you have to introduced into your body much more liquids. But, the doctor will explain that better to you.
    Good health!

  • Miljana

    And you have tocheck your blood…sheme (picture), cause when more bloods come to your head, you feel better. Drink enough water anyway. It’s food for pressure, for circulation of blood. But not enough for blood quantity. For that you have it eat spinach and joghart, liver (chicken, cow…), horses’ meat, to drink some glass of dark wine, to eat chocolate, beets…

  • Susanne

    LOL! Okay, Gretchen — did as you suggested (have been sitting working at the computer all morning & am definitely feeling sluggish). It did wake me up — it startled the cat so badly he fell off the bookcase where he’d been stretched out in the sun & took a vase of flowers (& water) with him. Woke us both up! And I discovered, beyond all doubt, that this soft & comfortable old bra I wear around the house when I’m alone most assuredly is NOT up to the job it was designed for (sorry for that visual, guys)! But I accept the challenge as a good idea & will remember to do this more often (without the distractions),

    • gretchenrubin

      Hilarious! Better luck next time!

  • This is one I haven’t heard before. I like it, but as I’m on a crowded train headed for work, I think I’ll wait to try it somewhere more secluded. I’m daydreaming of a park with lush green grass, sun-dappled shade trees and bare feet jumping 🙂

    • JW

      Tony Robbins does this before every appearance. He suggested it to Oprah and had the whole audience doing it. I bet that’s where Gretchen got it.

      • gretchenrubin

        I’ve never seen that! HAPPY minds think alike.

  • peninith1

    Jumping might do me more harm than good . . . but movement is always good. If you really can’t exercise vigorously, some music at a lively tempo is always an energizer I think. Mozart’s “Magic Flute’ is a sure fire energizer and mood lifter for me.

  • Maddie

    Jumping is a good quick energizer. My kids, hubby and l like to do a “crazy dance” as well which is fun. I tried it at work once which brought laughs.

  • Joe Brosnahan

    This reminds me
    of a youmg lady who helped me in so many ways
    she was German decent I loved learning some
    of their finer qualities.
    Upon our session was about to end she would say
    Joe we have this saying Jump Over Your Shadows in Germany
    Your book am addictted to your happyness Boook has so much to ofer
    Thank You Gretchin & Thank You Mrs Simone’Reinte!
    Go easy & jump over lifes shadows
    Go easy
    Ciao JB

  • cjverb

    I put on Van Halen’s song, “Jump” and did just that. I had a blast belting out this old rock song, playing air guitar and jumping. Thanks Gretchen!

  • jon

    I jump when I’m happy, and until you articulated it, it did not occur to me to jump to induce happiness, but if happy = jump, then jump = happy. Or at least a progression theretowards.

  • This is a great tip! When I first started teaching, I was nervous and somehow had the idea to jump up and down like a crazy person before students started coming in. It sure does pump you up and give you that nice energy boost, and being silly helps the mind calm down as well and take things less seriously.

  • arden greenspan

    I resolve to jump, physically, not jump emotionally. So true especially when we are sleep deprived, on my end, I am just more irritable. Just had this chat with my husband this week about how important it is to be rested, calm, at peace. I am so much more kinder to him with sufficient sleep. With others, no matter what, I try very hard to be at my best.
    Great advice, as usual Gretchen:)

  • arden greenspan

    Another suggestion, I jog inside of my home. The lower level is spacious and I do that for about 20 minutes and walk as well. It absolutely invigorates me. It starts my morning off on the “right” foot!

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  • Linda

    Cool!! I send my 11yo boy out to bounce on the trampoline when he’s feeling antsy!!! It works so I had better try it myself! Thanks.

  • Shalmah L Prince

    Jumping jacks! Just like we did in kindergarten! I love it. My dream is to learn to do ballet like Bariyznikov(sp?) and jump with the grace of a doe out of the stall in the morning.
    with G-d all things are possible . Thanks for the hint . I will share it with my husband who is embarking on DAY TRADING FUN training!
    Shalmah L Prince /LINKEDIN