• Susanne

    I love the optimism in this, but I don’t know . . . I clean the lumpy bits out of the cats’ litter box daily, but can tell you that even after years of it, I’m no close to calling it a contemplative or meditative practice than I ever was. Maybe I need to work at it a bit. I’ll call it the PooPractice. Kind of like a walking meditation, only stationary and smellier. Hey, it could work!

    • Me too. I use it as a time to reflect on my commitment to my pets. I don’t know how effect that is, as that is generally the time when I recall that cats will cheerfully eat their owner(s) if the owner(s) die(s).

    • peninith1

      Au contraire. Years ago (when I had cats) I often found that when I was needing to get motivated to DO something, I would start by first tidying up the cat box. Somehow that action got me over being stalled and gave me permission to go on to something more rewarding. It’s like the little saying about chopping wood and hauling water before and after enlightenment. The more mundane, yet vital, the task, the more likely it can often be the entry to the present moment.

  • Liked the book a lot.

    I like what he says about focus, but as a runner i was intrigued about what he has to say about endurence. Murikami tells us he runs every day at least six days a week. One rule
    of his is never let two days in a row go without running. His claim is
    that the muscles tend to readily lose their good condition, and lapse
    back into a lower level of fitness.

  • vuewide

    Meditation inspires understanding and creativity, beyond the constraints of the time-space dimension.

  • Kind of like the saying: “Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you.”, interesting thought, thanks for sharing!

  • Repsych

    A favourite quote from my favourite author! I keep this principal in mind today!

  • Sera Mattson

    This exactly why I like washing dishes in the morning. And while I do love taking walks, I am still no good at running.

  • Ok That quote is going on my FB! 🙂

  • PS

    Now I get it, I often come up with fabulous work ideas while in the shower-or when washing dishes. Strong water connection there!

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    idea may be interesting, but what I have to do?…


  • Penelope Schmitt

    Wow–how did I miss THIS? love this thought, and I agree with it. It moves me to invest contemplative energy into my daily routines, and make them prayerful. Thank you!