“The Attar from the Rose Be Not Expressed by Suns — Alone — It Is the Gift of Screws.”

Essential Oils — are wrung —

The Attar from the Rose

Be not expressed by Suns — alone —

It is the gift of Screws —


The General Rose — decay

But this — in Lady’s Drawer

Make Summer — When the Lady lie

In Ceaseless Rosemary —

— Emily Dickinson, The Complete Poems

  • peninith1

    The poem is its own best illustration, yielding the fragrance of a delicate mind distilled by the pressures of human suffering long after the poet herself lies in ceaseless rosemary.
    Thank you for having confidence enough in your readers to post something that calls on us to take a moment’s quiet thought.

    • Charlotte

      Your reply reads as a poem on its own…