21 Day Project — How to Cope Better With Difficult People

21 Day Project — How to Cope Better With Difficult People

For this project, I’ve created a program that focuses on how to cope with a difficult person (or people!) in your life. The project shares the twenty-one best ideas, resolutions, and tips that have helped me to deal more easily with difficult people, including:


  • How to outwit the “fundamental attribution error”
  • The value of a negativity bias
  • How you may be making that difficult person more difficult


This 21 Day Project is $4.99, and delivers a new email from me, every day for three weeks, with ideas and suggestions for you to explore in your own life.

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  • peninith1

    Ah! I was mistakenly posting in the wrong place. Here’s what Day Zero and Day One have caused me to think about:

    Day Zero: ‘Hell is other people’ — my take on this is ‘hell is how I feel when I’m around a person who ‘brings out the worst in me.’ The worst? Impatience, feelings of anger and frustration, a wall of silence.
    Since I can’t avoid the person who brings out this response . . . I can start by recognizing and owning my own feelings and reactions. (Trying to change the other person is useless). I can be aware of how much time I DO get to spend by myself or away from the situation. I can work on my detachment skills so that I do not react as strongly.

    Day One: Annoying behaviors. . . my own and another’s. I am messy, forgetful, silent to the point of being withdrawn, impatient at times. I am annoyed by drama, hysteria, emotions being ‘projected’ rather than simply stated, puttering endlessly, potshots over the bow of my ship. I am not ready to ’embrace’ the annoying behaviors like St. Therese. But I am finding that if I ignore the behavior while remaining pleasant, don’t respond, and don’t push back, the behavior that annoys me soon disappears. I schedule moments of solitude so that I have some time alone to look forward to. I identify things that I can easily and respectfully keep completely private and own for myself. When attempts are made to direct and control my behavior, I decide whether to respond and WHEN. I remember that it is good to do what is right for me EVEN IF it is what my live in parent would want me to do. But it might be right for me to choose the time and place for the doing.