Alert! The Problem with the Daily Emails Will Be Fixed ASAP.

I’ve heard from many readers who have told me that they’re stopped getting the daily posts through their email.

Yes, there’s a problem that’s proving quite tricky to fix. But I’m working on it! They’ll resume as soon as possible.

If you’re reading this post through the daily email, click here to join the conversation. And if you’d like to get the daily blog post by email, once I get this problem fixed, sign up here. (Don’t worry if you don’t know what RSS is, just ignore that.)

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  • Adrienne

    I read the headline and was hoping for an inspired solution to the daily deluge of email we all struggle with. Alas – I still search in hope.

    • Sniggdha Jauhari

      I do not know the nature of emails you receive Adrienne, so I cannot make an observation. But the way I deal with my emails is : I have different ids for different work ie. personal use/ professional/ social ie. theatre, play notification, entertainment. Further I subscribe heavily to “spam”. I mark many mails as spam, so they do not appear in my InBox. And go directly to spam folder. Also, when I open my mail, I delete some mails (looking at the sender’s address) even without reading them. Hope some of these thoughts help you.

    • Corina Tudose

      I know what you mean Adrienne. After starting my business I was so overwhelmed by emails. I used the video training on Project Productive as a solution to unclutter my inbox.. I found them EXTREMELY helpful, therefore I highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with email management. Here is the link: Hope this helps…