Story: My Inconvenience May Be Someone Else’s Miracle.

This week’s video story: Something that’s inconvenient for me may be someone else’s miracle.


Has this ever happened to you? Something that you know is probably an inconvenience for most people is actually extremely helpful for you? Unfortunately, it’s so easy to notice when the opposite happens, and a change is super-inconvenient; I remind myself of this story to help boost my attitude.

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  • Dorothee

    That’s a lovely story 🙂 It gives thinking about alldaylife a new lighthearted depth.

  • Felicity

    I love that. It’s cheered me up 🙂

  • Rachel

    That is such a great perspective. I love your stories!

  • Gina

    Wow – that was great! Going to try and remember that one when I am convinced ‘the world is against me’! Think I will share this with my kids – it’s a powerful lesson for any age.

    PS – I love Parks and Rec too!

  • peninith1

    One of the best stories you have brought us, Gretchen! Reminds me to be grateful for the crazy little miracles that somehow come along and make life wonderful–or just save your life altogether. Thanks

  • Yes, it is very true that inconvenience
    can represent an opportunity for entrepreneurs, but this is not an
    universal rule. There are many cases where inconvenience and
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  • I have written elsewhere that I am not a fan of stories, but this makes a very good point and one which is easier reminded through a vivid example like this one. Thanks!

  • Ana

    Wow what a perspective shift. This is my favorite of the stories you’ve told…something I’ve NEVER considered and will try to from now on!

    • gretchenrubin

      So happy to hear that it struck a chord with you!

  • Sevi

    Wow I would have never saw it like that. I believe in everything happens for a reason, and I mean everything, but what a different point of view. Thats amazing!!!

  • Marjorie

    So true! Last month my husband and I were on our way to SFO, stuck in Friday rush hour traffic that was supremely snarled due to an accident. I think we had about a 5% chance of making our flight and tensions were high, when my friend, who was on the same flight, called from the airport quite unhappy that they hadn’t checked the flight status before turning in their rental car. There was a 2 hr delay. The wait in the airport was very frustrating for her and very relaxing for me. I was so thankful for the delay. (Hopefully, no one was hurt in the accident.)

  • BKF

    There are extreme examples of this in the medical world. Something that is near and dear to you, Gretchen, organ donation for example, is a most radical example. Also, once my 5 year old son was supposed to have a minor surgical procedure at 8 a.m. and we ended up waiting until after 5 p.m. He was fasting since overnight, so it was quite inconvenient to all of us, but we were not upset because an infant was being operated on in his place. Bumping us meant the baby could have life-saving surgery.

  • biggles

    So true.

    But to take this even further, your inconvenience may also be your own miracle – you just don’t realise it yet. Countless times I’ve looked back and marvelled at how something bad that happened to me actually had a positive outcome.