Need an Idea for a Holiday Gift?

Warning: self-promotion to follow. If you don’t like this sort of thing, stop reading now!

Holiday season is upon us, and many people exchange gifts. If you’re trying to think of a good gift for someone, may I suggest…one of my books.


This is certainly my best-known book. I can’t help mentioning: it was on the New York Times bestseller list for two years. Yes, two. It’s a book about the year I spent test-driving the wisdom of the ages, the current scientific studies, and the lessons from popular culture about how to be happier.

Read a sample chapter; watch the 1-minute video; request the book-group discussion guide. Or read more about it here.


I love all my books equally, but my sister says that she thinks that this is my best book. It was such a pleasure to go deeper into the fascinating subject of happiness.  The fact is, if you’re not happy at home, it’s hard to be happy anywhere.  New York Times and international bestseller.

Read a a sample chapter; watch the 1-minute video; request the book-group discussion guide. Or read more about it here.


I intended this to be the gateway-drug biography that would introduce Churchill to an audience who knows nothing about him, but I’ve since learned that the people who respond most to the book are those who have already read a lot of books about Churchill. What a subject! It was a joy to write this book.

Read an interview; test your knowledge.

I love getting, and giving, books as gifts.  In my whole life, no gifts have pleased me more than the hardback Little House books that my parents gave me, one each year–with those marvelous illustrations by Garth Williams.

In fact, if you want to give yourself a little holiday treat, re-read the chapter, “Mr. Edwards Meets Santa Claus” in Little House on the Prairie. I get choked up just thinking about it. “Pa and Ma and Mr. Edwards acted as if they were almost crying. Laura didn’t know why.” I love the detail that Mr. Edwards throws in: “Santa Claus rode well for a man of his weight and build.” Okay, I have to stop, or I will quote the entire chapter.

  • My friend highly recommended your book to me and I was really excited because I had actually bought your book months before he recommended it to me, but I never got around to reading it. I hardly read independently during the school year, but I just finished my last exam, so I’m officially on winter break, which means that I can do all the independent reading I want! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Doug

    I have never been one to read books, it seems that I would rather be breaking a sweat working.
    However after seeing you on LinkedIn and reading brief excerpts from a few of your life changing books which I find inspirational. I think I just might fill a shelf with your self help litirture. Even if it might be on my nook. I might even get the audio versions if available. I’ll need to check in with my financial advisor (my beautiful wife)
    I’ll look ford to your next post.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family


  • theshubox

    I have such fond memories of my father reading me the Little House books growing up, and recently bought a box set for my 8 year old niece’s birthday. I cannot WAIT to get them for our children too!! (Currently too young, but in 5 years or so 🙂 )