A Little Happier: Am I Painting My Own Fakes?

It’s time for the latest A Little Happier. Click on the play button below to listen.

The story I tell comes from Arthur Koestler’s book, The Art of Creation.

Do you know that feeling — when you’re just copying yourself, just going through the motions?

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  • Mimi Gregor

    I think that’s part of the danger with being so well-organized that I can run on auto-pilot with some things. The fact is that I do, even when it may not be necessary. It does take the joy out of doing the things I once did with a creative spirit, and reduces it to the mundane. I think it boils down to what you were saying a couple posts ago, about doing things that are outside your “routine”. Sure, routines are practical and efficient, but are they joyful? No, not really. Does one always have to choose between efficiency and joy? For someone like me, it’s very difficult to get out of the habit of a routine, once established.

  • Tanaya Larsen

    When I first listened to this podcast, I thought you were going to say the complete opposite of your point-that what you consider your “fakes” are still amazing works of art. Too often I don’t think that what I do or think is good enough to share with others when, in reality, I’m just being too hard on myself and someone else would benefit from my input.