A Little Happier: Ray Bradbury Says, “Love What YOU Love!”

I have to say, I love this postcard from science-fiction legend Ray Bradbury so much, it makes me choke up every time I look at it. I’d love to have it as a giant poster hanging on my office wall.

Because so much of what I’ve learned about happiness, habits, human nature, everything, comes down to that same point: acknowledge who I am.

Be Gretchen.

Just because something’s fun for someone else doesn’t mean that it’s fun for me — and vice versa.

The strategy that works for someone else may be the opposite of what works for me. I’m an Abstainer; others are Moderators. I’m a morning person; others are night people. I’m an Upholder, but very few people are Upholders.

In The Happiness Project and Happier at Home, I write about how I used to ignore my love of children’s literature, and now it’s a huge element of my life.  I want to love what I love!

Have you ever loved something that other people thought was dumb, shallow, a waste of time?  Were you tempted to renounce or ignore it?

If you’re curious about Ray Bradbury’s books, I recommend The Martian Chronicles or 100 of His Most Celebrated Tales.

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  • Clare H

    This reminds me something I read in C S Lewis “the Screwtape Letters”. The senior devil advices his junior ” The man who truly and disinterestedly enjoys any one thing in the world, for its own sake, and without caring twopence what other people say about it, is by that very fact fore-armed against some of our subtlest modes of attack.”

  • Helen Chen

    Unrelated to this post…but I thought you might be interested in this blog – http://www.colorindex.us/ The author has amazing style and what I love about her are her unusual and wonderful color combinations! So inspiring!

  • Sherry

    The postcard totally brought tears. Maybe especially since I have a 9 year old daughter who is very much her own self? Love it.

  • Wow. That’s fantastic. I love it. I can’t say I had an identical experience, but I have been pleasantly surprised once. I gave my sister a poster I had bought in college. Forgot all about it. Went to her apartment to see it framed and had my socks knocked off all over again. She’s takin’ care of it but if she ever gets tired of it she knows I’ll take it back.