A Little Happier: “No Deposit, No Return.” Agree, Disagree?

I’m always looking for universal truths. And what I’ve found is that there are very few universal truths — not many things are true for everyone, all the time.

But one such iron law does seem to be: No deposit, no return.

We never get out of things more than we put into them.

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  • Mimi Gregor

    Very true. One must be committed and not merely involved in order to get the most out of something. The difference between the two? Take a bacon and egg sandwich as an example. The chicken is involved, as it supplies the egg. But the pig, man… that pig is committed, because he gave his everything to supply the bacon.

    I would also say that another Universal Truth is that what we put out comes back to us. If we spew out negativity, it taints our world view, and that is all we see and all we receive. If we focus on joy, on the other hand, we see more of it in the world (we know there is stuff out there that is negative, but do not focus on it), we receive more joy in return.