Fun! My Book “The Happiness Project” Makes a Cameo in the HBO TV Show “Big Little Lies.”

Several thoughtful readers emailed me to let me know that they spotted my book The Happiness Project in the first episode of HBO’s new dark comedy-drama TV miniseries, Big Little Lies.

So of course, my whole family watched the show this weekend (we had to fast-forward through some parts, because of my twelve-year-old), and we were so engrossed in the story that we utterly failed to notice the book!

Fortunately, readers had told me to look for it in the final scene, so we were easily able to rewind.

I think the book is meant to give an ironic touch, given that it appears on the bedside table at the moment when the mysterious character Jane Chapman (Shailene Woodley) is pulling a pistol out of the drawer.

I get such a kick out of this cameo! “The Happiness Project” was an answer on the game show Jeopardy!, and that was really fun, too.

Now I’m off to email my sister, who’s a TV writer herself.

  • Mary Pringle

    Saw Happiness Project book in cameo on CNN “Enlighten Us” about the rise and fall of James Arthur Ray. He was convicted of negligent homicide in sweat lodge deaths. Your book is right at beginning.

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  • Your book needs to make a cameo back into my reading pile. It’s been sitting unread for too long and it was inspiring me in so many ways…until I had to set it down!

  • Amanda Driscoll

    I saw that immediately and was wondering if you knew about it! I also wonder what message they were trying to convey… the characters in that show all seem unbelievably unhappy, don’t they?