“Sometimes I Dream About Him When He Was Younger, and I Remember It with Such Sweetness that It Wakes Me.”

“I also can still see many of Sam’s ages in him. New parents grieve as their babies get bigger, because they cannot imagine the child will ever be so heartbreakingly cute and needy again. Sam is a swirl of every age he’s ever been, and all the new ones, like cotton candy, like the Milky Way. I can see the stoned wonder of the toddler, the watchfulness of the young child sopping stuff up, the busy purpose and workmanship of the nine-year-old…

“I held him loosely and smelled his neck. Sometimes when I dream about him, he’s in danger, he’s doing things that are too risky, but most of the time he’s stomping around or we’re just hanging out together. Sometimes I dream about him when he was younger, and I remember it with such sweetness that it wakes me.”

–Anne Lamott, “Diamond Heart,” in Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith

My daughter graduated from high school this week, so you see where my head is.

  • Patrice Alexander

    I’m right there with you, Gretchen. My daughter just graduated from Law School and my son is a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy and is off shipping around the world. I’m bursting with love and awe at all they are accomplishing. This post resonates deeply for me me as well. Thank you for sharing!

  • Mary Cobb

    That’s why we adore our grandchildren:)

  • Waaaah, I am constantly telling my 2.5yo not to grow up but I remember telling him that pretty much since he was born… and every age brings something new and magical. This is beautiful, Gretchen. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rachel

    Love this. It’s so strange for me, having just finally read The Happiness Project, that the little girl there is now graduating from high school. Out of sync!