A Little Happier: Sometimes, We Can Be Generous by Taking.

You never know what you’ll remember…sometimes, the smallest incidences stand out in our memories forever.

I’ve never forgotten this brief encounter with a woman on an airplane, back from when my older daughter Eliza was a new baby.

With greater age and experience, I now know that feeling of just wanting to hold a baby. I wish I’d say “yes” when that nice woman offered to hold Eliza for me.

Agree? Sometimes, we can be generous by taking.

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 Happier listening!

  • Allen Knutson

    I did accept an offer, exactly like that, with my ~8 month old. The woman was very nice with him, certainly fresher than we were, and already seated while we were stuck in the aisle. Then I said “we’ll be in row 28 for the next few hours, see ya” (but didn’t actually see how long we could get).

  • Liz Treutel Callin

    A good reminder! I will keep this in mind with my ~4 month old if/when I get a similar offer :).

  • momof3misses

    I can picture this happening. Here you were a new Mom on a flight all by yourself and not wanting to hand your baby over to a complete stranger. Of course, now as a more experienced mom I can also see the other woman’s desire to hold a baby. She probably didn’t have the opportunity to hold a baby often. Maybe this woman is listening to your podcast now.