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A Few Questions Aimed at Real Esate Brokers.

Sorry, this post is of limited interest.

First question: are a real estate broker, a real estate agent, and a realtor the same thing (for practical purposes)? I realize that I’m not exactly sure.

Second question: if you’re a member of that profession, would you be interested in a sticker to put on Happier at Home?

Since Happier at Home was published, I’ve had many requests from real estate brokers (etc.) who want copies of the personalized Tips for Happiness in Your New Home card to give to their clients, paired with copies of the book. (If you’d like to request some of those cards for yourself, or for friends, email me here to request them. Alas, I can mail to U.S. and Canada only. Mailing costs!)

I’m wondering, then, if such folks would find it useful to have a sticker that said something like, “With best wishes for much happiness in your new home, from your real estate broker ______” Or “Courtesy of your realtor _____” where a person could add his or her name. Or maybe it would better not to have a space for a hand-written name.

Third and fourth questions: Would you be interested in getting stickers like that? If so, what should the stickers say?

There’s no bad time to think about how to be happier at home, but I do think we give it special consideration when we’ve just moved. The new surroundings make us more aware of our choices–and how we might do things differently, in order to boost our happiness.

Let me know what you think.