Forty Ways To Look At JFK

Further Reading

  1. Conversations with Kennedy, Ben Bradlee – an entertaining account of Kennedy based on contemporaneous notes taken by one of his closest friends.
  2. An Unfinished Life, Robert Dallek – an outstanding biography that brings to light much new information about Kennedy’s health.
  3. The Dark Side of Camelot, Seymour Hersch – a controversial but illuminating examination of Kennedy’s “dark side.”
  4. Jackie Under My Skin, Wayne Koestenbaum – a brilliant, inventive examination of the life and influence of Jacqueline Kennedy and of the JFK mystique.
  5. A Thousand Days, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. – a fascinating account of Kennedy’s election and presidency by one of his most ardent admirers.
  6. Grace and Power, Sally Bedell Smith – an absorbing and meticulous account of the private lives of the Kennedys during the White House Years.
  7. Kennedy, Theodore Sorensen – a compelling history by one of Kennedy’s closest advisors and chief speechwriter.
  8. Making of the President 1960, Theodore H. White – a groundbreaking account of the 1960 presidential election.
  9. Of Kennedys and Kings, Harris Wofford – an insightful memoir by Kennedy’s special assistant for civil rights.

Kennedy’s own favorite books:

Pilgrim’s Way, John Buchan
The Young Melbourne, David Cecil

JFK Links: — the best source for Kennedy material, with a biography, text of major speeches and press conferences, photographs, and audio clips — an excellent overview of Kennedy’s life and career, with useful features like a family tree, photo gallery, and time line of events — a selection of JFK photos — essential information about Kennedy, with some engaging video clips — information about Kennedy’s gravesite