Forty Ways To Look At Winston Churchill

Further Reading

  1. My Early Life, Winston Churchill – a fascinating, charming memoir of Churchill’s early life.
  2. Their Finest Hour, Winston Churchill – the volume of Churchill’s Second World War history that describes Britain’s “finest hour,” May-December 1940.
  3. Churchill: A Life, Martin Gilbert – the best single-volume history of Churchill’s life, by Churchill’s most authoritative biographer.
  4. Mr. Churchill in 1940, Isaiah Berlin – an extraordinary meditation on Churchill’s life and significance. It is also included in the Berlin essay collection, Personal Impressions.
  5. The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill, William Manchester – an exciting, accessible history of Churchill’s life until 1940. Unfortunately, because of ill health, Manchester is unlikely to finish his account.
  6. Churchill Revised: A Critical Assessment, A.J.P Taylor, Robert Rhodes James, J.H. Plumb, Basil Liddell Hart, and Anthony Storr – penetrating essays by some of the outstanding commentators on Churchill and his time.
  7. Five Days in London: May 1940, John Lukacs – a short history that focuses on one of the most critical periods of the war and of Churchill’s life.
  8. Clementine Churchill: The Biography of a Marriage, Mary Soames – an account of Clementine and Winston by their daughter Mary.