Agree? Sometimes, Being Giving Is Actually Being Needy.

“How unconscious we are, often, that giving may actually be asking, asking at the very least for attention. I am sure I err in this way myself. This kind of giving for selfish reasons often ends in frustration and even recrimination: ‘I have given you so much. Why don’t you answer or respond?’ which is to say, ‘When I love you so much, why can’t you love me?’”

–May Sarton, Journal of a Solitude

Sometimes, we can be needy by giving. Sometimes, (more…)

Want to Get My Podcast by Email? Now You Can.

Elizabeth and I are having so much fun with our weekly podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin.

We just launched it six months ago, and we’re already closing in on four million downloads. Zoikes!

Many listeners have told us that they’d like to be able to get an email alert every time we release a new episode.

Voila! Done.

To sign up, click here (, enter your email, and then you’ll get an email alert for the new episode each week.

The email will include images, links to books or other things we talk about, our contact information, and, of course, a button to allow you to listen right from the email. (more…)

Revealed! Book Club Choices for October. Such Great Books.

Pardon this moment of book self-promotion: Did I happen to mention that I can now reveal the jacket of the paperback for Better Than Before? Oh right, maybe I did. Anyway, here it is again!

Because nothing boosts happiness more than a great book, each month, I suggest:

· one outstanding book about happiness or habits

· one outstanding work of children’s or young-adult literature–I have a crazy passion for kidlit

· one eccentric pick–a widely admired and excellent book that I love, yes, but one that may not appeal to everyone

Shop at IndieBound,, or Amazon (I’m an affiliate), or your favorite local bookstore. Or visit (more…)

Podcast 32: Why Elizabeth and I Raise the Bar, the Surprising Downside of Teasing–and Please Comment on Four Tendencies.

It’s time for the next installment of  “Happier with Gretchen Rubin.

Update: I talk about Barnaby, our new dog! (As promised, here’s a picture of Barnaby with our producer, Henry Molofsky.) And a shout-out to our super-fans in Omaha, Nebraska.

Also, you’ll hear us talk about our new (and we hope improved, though Elizabeth is doubtful) way of referring to previous episodes, so that you can easily find them here on my site. That’s (or the number of whatever episode you’re looking for).

Try This at Home: Raise the bar (yes, you remember that right, in episode 29 we suggested lowering the bar; the opposite of a profound truth is also true). What works for you — lowering or raising the bar, or (more…)

Revealed! The New Jacket for the Paperback of “Better Than Before.”

Big news! (At least it’s big for me.)

At last, I can reveal the jacket art for the paperback of Better Than Before.

It’s fun to do something different with the cover of the hardback and the paperback.

It turns out that it’s very difficult to capture the idea of “habits” in a visual image, and I think the arrows pointing forward and backward do a good job of that. Plus I love the vibrant colors.

But if you don’t like it, please don’t tell me. It’s done, it’s decided. I’m always asking myself, “What are the iron laws of the universe?” There aren’t many. One is (more…)