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This Wednesday: a simple, radical way to cut out a huge number of calories.

Every Wednesday is Tip Day.
This Wednesday…A simple, radical way to cut a huge number of calories out of your diet.

Don’t drink any calories. None.

That means:
- no alcohol
- no orange juice
- no Gatorade
- no Starbucks Frappuccino
- no POM Wonderful juice
- no VitaminWater
- no milk in your tea or coffee
- no Jamba Juice smoothie
- no Red Bull
- no non-diet soft drink
- no chai
- no hot chocolate

I can’t have breakfast without my grapefruit juice!
Yes, you can.

I can’t exercise without an energy drink!
Yes, you can.

I can’t have dinner without a civilized glass of wine!
Yes, you can.

I need anti-oxidants!
Drink black coffee. It’s packed with antioxidants.

I need to drink something when I exercise, or I’ll develop an electrolyte imbalance!
If you’re exercising hard enough to worry about electrolyte imbalances, it's unlikely you need to worry about calories.

I need a healthy afternoon pick-me-up!
Eat a snack instead of drinking a smoothie. You’re unlikely to eat enough to hit the 650 calories blended into a power-sized Jamba Juice Banana-Berry smoothie.

I love orange juice!
Orange juice is delicious. It’s a real treat. If you want to cut calories out of your diet, unfortunately, you have to cut down on the treats.

But orange juice is healthy! Red wine is healthy!
If you’re drinking something for nutritional reasons, you’re better off getting those nutrients from eating food.

But it's so few calories, it can hardly matter!
Do the math. Find out how many calories are in your favorite drink, multiply by how often you have it, and see what number pops up. Over the course of the year, little indulgences can add up to a staggering number of calories.

That's no way to live!
Maybe not. But it is a simple way to cut out a lot of calories.

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