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Are you a member of Facebook? If so, check out the Happiness Project group. If not, join, then check out the Happiness Project group.

I’m a happiness crusader, so I’ve been hugely gratified to hear from a number of people that – inspired by this happiness project – they’ve started their own happiness projects.

For example, Karly emailed me yesterday to say that she’d posted her rules for happiness, similiar to my Twelve Commandments (see left column), on her blog, First Ourselves.

And three readers started Our Happiness Project.

Everyone’s happiness project will look different from everyone else’s, but we can all learn from each other. Each project is different; each is fascinating.

Last week, a generous and thoughtful reader, Jackie Danicki, emailed me. I can’t remember now how I made Jackie’s acquaintance in blogosphere, but we’d intersected someplace along the way. Jackie is a blogging/social networking guru – with her own excellent blogs, Jackie Danicki and Jack & Hill.

Jackie offered to set up a happiness-project “group” on Facebook, if I were interested.

At first, I wanted to say “No, thanks,” because I didn’t want to deal with figuring out what this entailed. Also, what if we started this group, and nobody joined? I’d feel rejected.

But then I remembered all my happiness-project resolutions: Try something new; put myself out there; enjoy the fun of failure; only connect; ask for help.

So I said, “Yes, thanks, and can you explain how it would work?”

Not only did Jackie do that – we actually MET IN PERSON for coffee in New York City on Friday. (Whenever I meet someone from blogland in real life, it’s like having a childhood imaginary friend appear in person.)

So Jackie did set up the Facebook group. Please check it out! You can also search for "happiness project." You have to be a member of Facebook to access it, but it’s easy to join.

This group is a place where people can exchange views, tips, reactions, and strategies. In this blog’s comment section, you might feel constrained to react to what I’ve written, but in the Facebook group, you can raise new issues and start different discussions.

I can’t wait to read what people post there. If, in fact, anyone does.

While I'm "asking for help," here's a question: is there a way to put something on my blog to let people know about the existence of the Facebook group?

One true rule of happiness is "Do good, feel good." I hope that Jackie feels good about her nice gesture.

I'm not sure I'd describe Revival of the Faddist blog as a "happiness project," but it's certainly an engaging exercise in self-experimentation. Andy tries a bunch of fad diets, one after another. It's quite funny, and also quite illuminating.

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