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Check out my happiness-project movie! A one-minute story about — what else? — how I learned to be happier.

I'm very excited.

Today, my internet movie, The Years Are Short, launched!

I hesitated to do this movie. Then I remembered all my resolutions: "Push myself," "Try something new," and "Enjoy the fun of failure" (well, actually, I hope that one won't come into play).

I remembered my Secret of Adulthood: "It's okay to ask for help."

As always, novelty and challenge can be intimidating -- but, just as the happiness researchers tell us, they give big boosts of happiness. Now that the movie is finished and out in the world, I'm very happy, even though I felt frustrated and anxious at various times along the way.

The fact is, whenever I stick to my happiness resolutions, I do make myself happier. I remind myself of that every day.

The story is a true story about something that happened to me as a parent. The title, The Years Are Short, comes from the phrase that I constantly invoke: The days are long, but the years are short.

I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think. If you like the movie, please pass the link along to anyone else who might like it, too.

And if you're visiting this blog for the first time, after having seen the movie, welcome!

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