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Why am I feeling crabby on my lovely vacation?

I’m away with my family and my in-laws on vacation. We do this every spring, and each time we do it, despite the fact that this place is lovely, I seem to end up feeling a bit crabby.

One year I blamed it on this, one year I blamed it on that. Whatever the reason, it’s a drag to have a nice vacation shadowed by a bad mood. I should be thrilled and thankful to have the chance to have such a nice holiday -- and I AM thrilled and thankful -- but also a bit crabby.

Well, this year, I think I figured it out. I think it’s the food situation.

Usually, at home. I eat something about every three hours. Whenever possible, I eat “breakfast” at 7:30, “lunch” at 11:30, a “snack” at 2:30, “dinner” at 6:00, and a “snack” around 8:00.

My idea of what lunch etc. consists of is probably slight unconventional – but this schedule and intake works for me.

The problem? This isn’t how the world works. Some days I can stick to this schedule, but often, of course, I have to eat at different times, and it always throws me off. One thing that puzzles me is that most adults don’t seem to get hungry the way I do. They never seem to care about what time food is served.

Being on this vacation means I’m often starving before we eat. I can’t eat as often as I’d like. The food is richer than the food I usually eat, but somehow it doesn’t seem as filling. I have to gobble down my food, because at lunch the Little Girl is spiraling down toward her nap, and at dinner, toward her bedtime, so I have to be prepared to spirit her back to bed as soon as she’s eaten.

So my current prescription for my crabbiness is to start paying more attention to eating. I’m going to try to eat more protein at meals, to try to be fuller, longer. I’m going to make sure I have some filling snacks on hand (what, I’m not sure). I’m going to make sure I eat something every three hours or so, even if it’s not quite convenient.

When we get home, maybe I’ll even go to a nutritionist to see if there’s a better way for me to approach my eating, so that I’m not as susceptible to hunger and crankiness.

But other than that, we’re having a great time.

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