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Want To Be Happy at Work? Dozens of Tips, Plus a Few Quizzes, To Consider.

Want To Be Happy at Work? Dozens of Tips, Plus a Few Quizzes, To Consider.


Every Wednesday is Tip Day.
This Wednesday: Want to be happy at work? Here are dozens of tips, plus a few quizzes to consider.

One issue that comes up frequently in the area of happiness is -- no surprise -- the relationship of work to happiness. How to be happier at work. Why happiness is good for business. How to feel happier if you've lost your job. Etc.

Happiness is a critical factor for work, and work is a critical factor for happiness. In one of those life-isn’t-fair results, it turns out that the happy out-perform the less happy. In addition, they work better with others, because people prefer to be around happier people, who are also less likely to show counterproductive behaviors like burnout, absenteeism, counter and non-productive work, work disputes, or retaliatory behavior than are less-happy people.

Of course, happiness also matters to work simply because work occupies so much of our time. Also, work can be a source of many of the elements necessary for a happy life: the atmosphere of growth, social contact, fun, a sense of purpose, self-esteem, recognition.

So, for your reading convenience, I've put together a list of posts that I hope are helpful on the issue of work and happiness:

16 tips for feeling happier at work.

Why happiness is good for business.

How employers can boost the happiness of their employees.

Quiz: Is the design of your office space making you happy? Or driving you crazy?

9 tips for feeling happier when you've lost your job--or fear you might.

Quiz: How fun is your workplace?

A problem in happiness: "Drift."

Quiz: Are you drifting?

What issues have I overlooked? What are your tips for feeling happier at work, or happier about work?

* A thoughtful reader sent me the link to this hilarious chart, A flowchart to lifelong happiness. Yes, this one page just about sums things up!

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