“The True Effect of Genuine Politeness Seems To Be Rather Ease than Pleasure.”

“The true effect of genuine politeness seems to be rather ease than pleasure. The power of delighting must be conferred by nature, and cannot be delivered by precept, or obtained by imitation; but though it be the privilege of a very small number to ravish and to charm, every man may hope by rules and caution not to give pain…”
-- Samuel Johnson

Kindness! I think more and more about the significance of kindness for happiness.

* Flourish in Progress is a fascinating blog tracking a woman's year without needless spending. I was thrilled to learn that this project was partially inspired by The Happiness Project. Happiness projects for everyone!

* The holidays are approaching fast. If you're giving The Happiness Project as a gift, I'm happy to mail you a signed, personalized bookplate for the recipient. Or a bookplate for you! Just email me at grubin at gretchenrubin dot com; be sure to include your mailing address, because this is an actual thing that I'll mail to you. Feel free to ask for as many as you'd like (they're free).

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