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Video: Happiness-Boosting Resolutions for 2011.

The original book video for The Happiness Project book features many of my favorite resolutions. With the help of the fabulous Maria Giacchino, I've updated the video to highlight some of the resolutions that other people have made. Check it out!

I'm always fascinated to hear about other people's resolutions and add them to my own list all the time. And even when a resolution isn't right for me, it helps me think about what I might try.

Have you tried any of these resolutions? Or have you tried a different resolution that has been particularly helpful?

One thing that has struck me: often, resolutions that point in opposite direction are both helpful -- even to the same person. The opposite of a great truth is also true.

Move. Still.
Say yes. Say no.
Start. Finish.
Take myself more seriously. Take myself less seriously.
Now. Wait.
Think bigger. Think smaller.

If you'd like to see the original video, here it is:

When I feel discouraged about resolution-keeping, which is fairly often, I think of Samuel Johnson's diary entry from 1764:

“I have now spent fifty-five years in resolving; having, from the earliest time almost that I can remember, been forming schemes of a better life. I have done nothing. The need of doing, therefore, is pressing, since the time of doing is short. O GOD, grant me to resolve aright, and to keep my resolutions.”

Happy 2011! Good luck keeping your resolutions.

* Sign up here to join the 2011 Happiness Challenge, to make 2011 a happier year. Studies show that taking an action, like signing up for the challenge, will help you hold yourself accountable. I've been astonished by how many people have signed up in just the past two days.

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