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Question: Any Ideas for Something to Send to E-Book Readers and Audiobook Listeners?

Question: Any Ideas for Something to Send to E-Book Readers and Audiobook Listeners?


Many people have written to me to request a bookplate. (Wondering what a "bookplate" is? You afix the bookplate, which I personalize and sign, on the first page of your book. It's a way to get a book signed by an author when you can't meet in person.) I'm happy to send you as many free personalized bookplates as you'd like. Many people ask for just one, many people ask for a bunch -- for a book group, for gifts, for a Bible study group, and the like. Just email me at gretchenrubin1 at gmail dot com. Be sure to include your mailing address, because these are actual physical items that I'll mail to you (anywhere in the world).

Here's my question for you. Many people have written to say that they'd like a bookplate, but because they're reading the e-book version, or listening to the audiobook, they don't have a place for a bookplate.

I'd like to be able to offer something to these folks, too -- but what? Please help, suggest ideas! Ideally, this item should be...
-- inexpensive to produce
-- small and light enough to mail in an envelope with regular postage
-- useful and/or fun
-- something I can sign (this isn't necessary)

My first thought was a book mark, which satisfies those conditions -- but seems quite unsuitable for someone with an e-book or audio book! Yes, of course, they have other books they read, but a bookmark just doesn't seem fitting.

Any other suggestions? Or is a bookmark a good solution?

* I love visiting Dan Pink's blog. Always so much interesting material there.

* Yay! I just heard that The Happiness Project is #1 at the airport bookstores! I find that news especially gratifying, because for some reason, I've always had a particular fondness for airport bookstores.
Order your copy.
Read sample chapters.
Watch the one-minute book video.
Listen to a sample of the audiobook.


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