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Join or Start a Group. And Please Answer These Six Questions!

Join or Start a Group. And Please Answer These Six Questions!


I’ve written before about why the resolution to Join or start a group -- any kind of group -- can bring you happiness. I’ve joined or started fourteen groups since I began my happiness project, and they've added tremendously to my happiness.

Many people have started Happiness Project groups, for people meeting to discuss their own happiness projects; they swap ideas, build enthusiasm, and hold each other other accountable for their resolutions -- which is so important for making change. (Think about AA or Weight Watchers.) In fact, here are 9 reasons why starting a Happiness Project group will boost your happiness. It's also true that just the fact of joining a group, whatever the focus might be, brings happiness.

For people who interested in Happiness Project groups, I created a starter kit, to help get the ball rolling. Many thousands of people have requested one. (To receive one yourself, email me at gretchenrubin1 at gmail dot com.)

I’m extremely interested in these groups, and have wanted to be able to track and engage with them, and at last, after a few false starts, I think I've figured out how to do that.

If you’re in a Happiness Project group, or starting one, please, take this quick survey -- it’s just six questions and will take you less than a minute -- to provide some basic information.

People often ask me, “How do I find out if there’s a group in my area?” This survey will allow me to put together a complete list, along with contact information for the groups that want to provide that. I'll post the list on my here and on Facebook (but because I don't have information yet, that material isn't yet available.)

If your group is just getting started, fill in what information you can, and write a note in the "Additional comments" section to say that you're still putting it together.

Also, I know that the groups would like to be able to discuss issues among themselves. That discussion will take place here on Facebook.

I’m wildly interested to learn more about the groups! So please do fill out the survey. Thanks! I really appreciate it.

If you want to start a happiness project as a solo project instead of as part of a group, here's some information that might be useful.

* To get the starter kit for launching a happiness project group, email me at gretchenrubin1 at gmail dot com. And don't forget to take the <ahref=" ">survey.

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