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Any Suggestions for Ways to Reach Members of the Military and Military Families?

As I was researching The Happiness Project, I was struck by the fact that I often found it more helpful to read about one person's idiosyncratic happiness project than to read about general principles applying to all humankind or studies applying to large populations. For some reason, reading about Thoreau's very individual decision to move to Walden Pond, or St. Therese's struggle to stay patient with the nun who made clicking noises during evening prayers, was what taught me most about myself.

I've heard from people whose lives are very different from mine, on the surface -- but it turns out that we face many of the same challenges in our happiness projects.

Here's a question for you, readers: I've been steadily getting email from members of the military and from military families who have found The Happiness Project helpful.

I'd like to do more to connect with this group of readers, but I don't know that world well. Do you have any suggestions for me?About blogs I should read, people I should contact, sites I should visit, and other resources I should know about? If you know that world, can you help spread the word? I'd so appreciate any advice or assistance.

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