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Here It Is! The New and Improved Blog Design.

Here It Is! The New and Improved Blog Design.

As promised, here's the new and improved design for The Happiness Project blog. At last!

Re-designing a blog is a bit like renovating your kitchen. You have to think about everything you want to accomplish in the space, what's important to you, what looks attractive, what looks attractive but doesn't actually work very well, and how to make the place inviting both for people who are there frequently and for new guests.

I hope you like the design. One of my struggles as a writer is that I'm interested in a lot of ideas, and I want to highlight them all. When I'm working on a book, I always go through a long stage where I have to find ways to prove to myself that not everything belongs in the first chapter.

In the same way, on this blog, as you may have noticed, I'd tried to put just about everything right on the homepage. Now, I hope you'll find the site cleaner, easier to navigate, and less overwhelming.

Although the re-design was a huge and scary undertaking, I was extremely fortunate to have extraordinary help. Though an acquaintance, I met the brilliant artist and designer Jacqueline Schmidt. When she heard I wanted to do a re-design, she recommended Apartment One (Jacqueline also did the wonderful hand-drawn elements you see on the blog).

Working with Apartment One has been a joy. It's such a pleasure to work with people who have the highest standards, who really know their stuff, who work professionally, and who want to make things beautiful--people like Liza Lowinger, Spencer Bagley, and Raima McDaniel.

And my agent, Christy Fletcher! Her invaluable judgment and insight shape everything I write.

As always, the indefatigable and unflappable  Jayme Johnson swooped in at critical moments to figure out how to get things done.

But most of all, thank you, my dear readers. I started this blog on March 27, 2006. (A thoughtful reader sent me the earliest link available on the Wayback Machine; it's not the first post, but you can see my DIY design.) I began with no expectations; as an experiment in happiness, I wanted to do something novel and challenging, and starting a blog seemed as good an idea as anything else.

I didn't expect to keep it going for very long, yet one of the greatest delights of my happiness project has been this blog. To have the chance to engage, and to work through new ideas, with other people who are also interested in happiness has changed my life as a writer.

Thank you!

And if you spot something that's not working properly, let me know.

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