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Pigeon of Discontent: “What Little Treats Do You Enjoy?”

Each week, I post a video about some Pigeon of Discontent raised by a reader. Because, as much as we try to find the Bluebird of Happiness, we’re also plagued by those small but pesky Pigeons of Discontent.

This week’s Pigeon of Discontent, suggested by me (this week, I'm proposing my own Pigeon!): "What little treats do you enjoy?"

If you want to read more about this resolution, check out…

What are the small treats you give yourself?

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5 myths about fighting the blues.

How about you? What are your little treats? I want to add to my list!  This weekend, I was thwarted in one of my favorite and most reliable little treats: I headed to the library, but I'd forgotten about summer hours, and it was closed.

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