Want To Get Happier–and Be On National TV?

Want To Get Happier–and Be On National TV?

I'm passing along a very interesting message:

A nationally syndicated daytime talk show is looking for guests for an episode:

"Do you wish you were happier? Would you like to figure out ways to find contentment and control in your daily life?

Perhaps the duties of being a mom, wife or caregiver, or the stresses at work are consuming you.

Or maybe you're just not satisfied with the status quo and want to reclaim a passionate, purposeful life.

Happiness is more than a state of mind – it is a skill to be learned and practiced.

If you're ready to focus on yourself and think about small changes you can make in your life to boost your happiness, we want to hear your story.




How do health, wealth and relationships play a role in your sense of well being?

What activities bring you happiness?

What makes you feel blue?

What frustrations or anxieties do you wish you didn’t have?

Was there a time in your life when you think you were at your happiest?

Please don’t feel limited to answering just these questions - tell us what makes you smile or share your theories on happiness."

So, readers, are you intrigued? Want to give it a shot? If so, email me your answers, and I'll pass them along to the TV producers.

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