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Thanks For Your Good Wishes for New York City (and Me) During Hurricane Sandy.

Thanks For Your Good Wishes for New York City (and Me) During Hurricane Sandy.

Thanks, everyone, for all your kind messages about Hurricane Sandy. New York City, where I live, is flooded and battered this morning. Millions of people in the tri-state region don't have power; the flooding is terrible; wind damage is terrible; the area has been declared a "major disaster."

For New York City, the greatest threat came from the storm surge that flooded the low-lying parts of the island. It's unbelievable to see videos of water rushing through neighborhoods and tunnels that are usually packed with people, cars, and activity.

My family and I are very, very, very fortunate. Our neighborhood is far from the water and has been unaffected by flooding, and we still have power. My daughters' school was closed yesterday and today; the mass transit system closed on Sunday night, and in New York City, nothing happens without mass transit. We haven't left the apartment since Sunday afternoon, so I haven't been able to see what's going on around us--we can't see much from our apartment windows--but whatever has happened will be minor compared to what's happened elsewhere.

Writing Happier at Home made me focus much more deeply on the role of my home, my neighborhood, and my city in my happiness--and seeing this kind of devastation makes me feel an even more fierce love of every aspect of "home."

Now I'm off to watch the news again.

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