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Have You Ever Thought, “This Time Is Different?”

Have You Ever Thought, “This Time Is Different?”

I have a friend who has started a new course of healthful eating. She told me, “This time is different. I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life, I’ve been on a thousand diets, but this time I’m changing my eating habits for good.”

I think many of us have had a similar experience, when we’ve thought: “This time is different,” “Something just clicked,” "I see the light," “I have to do this now.” For me, this kind of realization often takes the form of, “At last, this is the approach I’ve been looking for.”

Here are my questions for you:

 Have you had this experience? If so, with what aspect of your life?

 Did it turn out to be true that “this time is different”?

 Did change come gradually or suddenly?

 Did the change stick with you, or did you drift back to your former behavior?

 If you did drift back to your former behavior, how long did the change stick? Did it leave any lasting marks?

(If you want more questions for self-knowledge, read on here.)

I'd tried to do strength-training, on and off, for years. Then a friend casually remarked, "If you want to do weight-training, you should go to my gym, Inform Fitness." I wrote down the information, made an appointment, and have never stopped going. It didn't take much--just that one remark--but if she hadn't happened to make the suggestion, I might never have started. At last, it was the approach I was looking for.

I spend so much time thinking about how people change. An endlessly fascinating subject.

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