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Looking for an Idea for a Fathers’ Day Gift? Look No Further!

Looking for an Idea for a Fathers’ Day Gift? Look No Further!

Warning: blatant self-promotion to follow. You've been warned.

If you're looking for a gift for Fathers' Day, for a father in your life, may I books?

From what I hear, many people give my book Forty Ways To Look at Winston Churchill to their fathers. It's funny--I wrote that biography to be a Churchill gateway drug, I wanted to write a short, accessible book on this vast subject, for people who didn't know much about Churchill, to get them fascinated about his life. But in fact, the people who enjoy the book most seem to be the people who already know a great deal about Churchill. The "forty ways" structure holds particular appeal to them.

What a joy it was to write that book--what a subject, what an age!

And for those who aren't fans of Churchill, well, that version of history is also in Forty Ways To Look at Winston Churchill.  There are forty ways, after all.

Or may I suggest The Happiness Project? I often hear about family members buying copies for each other, especially when a person is facing a happiness challenge. While I'm in declared self-promotion mode, I can't resist adding that The Happiness Project has now sold more than one million copies. Zoikes!

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