21 Day Project — Declutter My Life

21 Day Project — Declutter My Life

21 Day Project — Declutter My Life

Fighting clutter is a never-ending battle, and I’m always looking for strategies to stop its insidious progress. For this project, I’ve created a program that shares the twenty-one best ideas, resolutions, and tips that have helped me to get my stuff under control—and which therefore make me feel calmer—including:

  • The value of the one-minute rule
  • Why mis-en-place is useful beyond the kitchen
  • Fighting the eight myths of clutter
  • How to prepare for a move

In just twenty-one days, I believe, it really is possible to take many small, concrete steps to make your life happier. And don’t worry. None of these proposed resolutions will take much time or energy—because no one has much time or energy to spare.

Each 21 Day Project is $4.99, and delivers a new email from me, every day for three weeks, with ideas and suggestions for you to explore in your own life.

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