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Story: I Must Do the Work That I Am Best Suited For.

This week’s video story: I must do the work that I am best suited for.

As I mention, that story appears in Edward Weston's Daybooks.

I can't resist adding a bit of what he wrote about photographing peppers:

“It is a classic, completely satisfying,--a pepper—but more than a pepper: abstract, in that it is completely outside subject matter. It has no psychological attributes, no human emotions are aroused: this new pepper takes on beyond the world we know in the conscious mind.

To be sure, much of my work has this quality,--many of my last year’s peppers, but this one, and in fact all the new ones, take one into an inner reality,--the absolute,--with a clear understanding, a mystic revealment.” -- Daybooks, August 8, 1931

Sidenote: It's surprising to me how many great visual artists are also great writers.

How about you? Do you have to remind yourself to "Be Gretchen" (substitute your own name) and to do what you're best suited for? Self-knowledge! Always, it comes back to self-knowledge.

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