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Do You Want a Personalized, Signed, Free Bookplate for a Mother’s Day Gift?

Do You Want a Personalized, Signed, Free Bookplate for a Mother’s Day Gift?

I know that many people give Happier at Home and The Happiness Project as Mother's Day gifts. A trend that I very much appreciate.

If you'd like to make your gift more special and personalized, sign up here, and I'll send you a bookplate that's personalized for the recipient and signed by me. Think how happy you'll be to cross some gift-giving tasks off your list! Feel free to ask for as many as you like, but U.S. and Canada only -- so sorry about that.

I can be a little slow, so to make sure that neither of us has to worry about whether you'll receive the bookplates by Mother's Day on May 11, request as soon as possible.

If you're not able to envision what I'm talking about, look here.

If you're wondering whether Happier at Home would make a good gift for the mother(s) in your life, I will self-promotingly say that it was a New York Times bestseller, and you can...

-- read a sample chapter on the subject of "time"

-- watch the one-minute book trailer, "Ten ways to be happier at home" (guess which suggestion proved controversial?)

-- listen to a sample of the audiobook

-- request the one-page book club discussion guide

-- read the Behind-the-Scenes extra (I had a great time writing this)

If you're wondering if The Happiness Project would make a good gift, I can’t resist mentioning: #1 New York Times bestseller, and a bestseller for more than two years. That's right, TWO.

--  order your copy

-- check out the gallery of foreign covers; so interesting to see what different countries put on the cover

-- watch the one-minute book video

-- listen to a sample of the audiobook

Here's what a bookplate looks like, if you're not sure.

Obviously, I’m happy to sign and personalize a bookplate for you–it doesn’t have to be a gift! Request as many as you want -- within reason. Although I'm flattered when people request 100, I can't send that many. Again, I'm very sorry that because of mailing issues, this is limited to U.S. and Canada.

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