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New! You Can Get All Five 21 Day Projects in One Bargain PDF.

New! You Can Get All Five 21 Day Projects in One Bargain PDF.

I've been thrilled -- and I must admit, astonished -- by the popularity of my 21 Day Projects.

I created these because, over the years, I kept hearing the same issues coming up again and again, as people talked about their happiness challenges. Fighting a never-ending battle with clutter.  Feeling drained by someone else’s difficult nature. Feeling bad about yelling at your kids too much. Being out of touch with yourself.

In response, I created four "21 Day Projects" for you to follow, if you want to tackle one of these challenges. I collected ideas in a form that makes it easier for people to remember and follow various connected resolutions on these particular themes.

In just 21 days, I believe, it really is possible to take many small, concrete steps to make your life happier. And don’t worry, none of these proposed resolutions take much time or energy—because no one has much time or energy to spare.

When I created these, however, I wasn't sure if people would want them, so it has been very exciting to see how many people have signed up.

Curious about which topic is most popular? Know Myself Better is in the lead, and it has been from the beginning (which I did not predict). De-clutter My Life, Cope Better with Difficult People, and Quit Yelling at My Kids jump around in position.

Each 21-Day Project is $4.99, and delivers a new email from me, every day for three weeks, with ideas and suggestions for you to explore in your own life.

If you’d like to experiment with this approach for free, you can sign up for the 21 Day Relationship Challenge.

NEW and IMPROVED: Now, in addition to the individual 21 Day Projects, you can buy the 21 Day Project Omnibus. People kept asking for something like this, to use as a reference or to get all the emails at once, so here it is. (Also, I've always loved the word "omnibus" to got a real kick from getting to use it.)

The Omnibus is a PDF that allows you to buy all five Projects at once in a single document, and to read it on a device or to print it out. The Omnibus is a bargain: $11.99 instead of $19.96.

I hope you find these 21 Day Projects useful as you pursue your own happiness project.

If you enjoy the Projects, you may also enjoy my books The Happiness Project and Happier at Home.

If you have trouble turning any of the proposed ideas into permanent habits, just wait until my next book comes out, in March. In Better Than Before, I examine all the strategies we can use to change our habits. For real. To hear when it becomes available, sign up here.

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