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Wow. I Was on the Cover of Parade Magazine.

Wow. I Was on the Cover of Parade Magazine.

I'm still in shock. Yesterday, I was on the cover of Parade magazine. The week before, it was Al Pacino. Crazy!

One small, nice thing: many people have emailed me to say that they enjoyed getting to see what my husband looked like.  He's a great guy, but he's very uncooperative whenever anyone tries to take his picture, so I was relieved that I did have a good photo to supply.

I saw the magazine while I was spending the weekend with my sister Elizabeth and her family in Los Angeles. We had a lot of fun and also managed to record two podcasts of Happier with Gretchen Rubin while we were together.

Now I'm in Dallas, getting organized for a fun day tomorrow. I love getting to meet readers, and I love to get the chance to talk about habits with a lot of different people, and I love to read on airplanes. So I'm enjoying myself tremendously on this book tour.

Here's something odd I've noticed from hotel-room TV. When I'm feeling all alone -- like tonight in a hotel room, or at home when the rest of my family is out of town (as just happened, when my family left town for spring break before I left on my tour) -- I've noticed that I turn on the TV much more than usual, for company.

Somehow, TV feels...companionable. But only live TV. I don't get that companionable feeling from recorded shows, Netflix, etc. I'm not sure if it's the "live" quality of it, or the knowledge that many people are watching what I'm watching.

Do you know what I mean? Or am I the only one who feels this way?

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